How to Help

There are many ways YOU can help the Jupiter High School Band program!  We appreciate the support of band families, donors and local businesses.


MANY volunteers are needed to run a successful band program.  Volunteer opportunities are announced via email and posted on our Volunteer Opportunities page.  We also have many band parent positions open; all positions and contact information are listed on that page.

ALL volunteers must be registered with Jupiter High School in VIPS.  All volunteers must re-register every school year.  Volunteering also earns your hours towards the Volunteer Credit, which helps reduce your out of pocket costs for band fees.  For more information about VIPS ant the Volunteer Credit, see our Volunteer Opportunities page.

Become a Sponsor

We love our Sponsors!  Businesses and individuals can support the band program in general or a specific student.  Benefits vary depending on the donation amount.

To become a sponsor, print the Sponsorship Form located on our Forms page and submit it as instructed.  Sponsorships over $500 can have a banner placed in the JHS stadium or gymnasium.

For a list of our current sponsors, see our Sponsors page.


Help your favorite band student by “adopting” them and supporting them financially.  For more information about this program, look at the Adopt-A-Student forms on our Forms page.

Donate Supplies

These items are used throughout the year and need to be replenished fairly often.  Donations can be dropped off when the band room is open in the band kitchen or the music library.

  • Copy Paper: We distribute a LOT of handouts, forms, and music in Band!  We can ALWAYS use COPY PAPER!  Staples has coupons every week that offer discounts and rebates on paper.  Check them out HERE.
  • Fresh fruit for marching band camps and Saturday rehearsals: strawberries, watermelon,, grapes (fresh or frozen), bananas, oranges, and apples.
  • Gatorade: SMALL 12 oz single serving bottles for marching band camps and larger 20 oz. single serving bottles for Concessions
  • Bottled water: Single serving bottles for band events and Concessions
  • Store bought snacks: Individually packaged Goldfish crackers, granola bars, fruit bars, peanut butter or cheese crackers, and trail mix, and cookies for band field trips and marching band camps
  • Envelopes (any size): To put under the marked collection boxes so orders and payments can be turned in together.
  • Garbage bags: Kitchen size (13-gallon) or Large (30-gallon); lots of kids means lots of trash!
  • Colored copy paper: Good for order forms.  Preferably light or bright (not dark) colors, at least 250 sheets per color.
  • Markers appropriate for poster board: Thick/Chisel point Sharpies or other permanent markers
  • White Poster Board: Preferably large sheets in sealed packs so it stays clean until needed, but we’ll take the smaller size too!
  • Expo markers: Preferably chisel tip (not fine point) and Expo brand.
  • 9” x 12” Clasp Envelopes: Used for Festival of Bands, MPA, fundraisers, etc.
  • Name Tags: Stickers for use at parent meetings, first student rehearsals, etc.

Assist with Special Requests

Every once in a while the band has special requests for specific items.  Check this space for those special needs!  Donations can be dropped off when the band room is open in the band kitchen or the music library.

  • Large Dust Mop: Preferably 24″ to 36″ wide, similar to the one shown on this link
  • Brooms: Large push broom like the one shown on this link OR regular broom
  • Dust Pans: Standing dust pan like the one show on this link (or larger) OR regular dust pan
  • Trash can: Kitchen size (13-gallon) or larger – needed for the band kitchen.

Share on Social Media

Help us spread the word!  JHS Band events and donation needs are announced on our Facebook page.  Like our page and share our posts on your news feed!

Thank you for your consideration!