Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are announced via email and posted on this page.  The JHS Band uses SignUpGenius to sign up as a volunteer for band activities.  You are not required to have a SignUpGenius account to sign up or volunteer.

See the individual SignUpGenius pages for volunteer coordinators for these events if you have any questions.

ALL volunteers must be registered with Jupiter High School in VIPS.  Volunteers can sign up in the main lobby of Jupiter High School

Volunteers can earn a credit based on the hours they have volunteered for the band.  It is as follows:

1-24 hours volunteered= 1 dollar per hour- Max 24 dollars
25-49 hours volunteered= 2 dollars per hour- Max 48 additional dollars
50-74 hours volunteered= 3 dollars per hour- Max 72 additional dollars
75-100 hours volunteered= 4 dollars per hour- Max 100 additional dollars
101+ hours volunteered= 5 dollars per hour

For example, if someone volunteers for 150 hours, that student would receive 489 dollars off their fair share

JHS Band Committee Chair Leads

Band Operations: Cathy Mutchler- cathymutchler@yahoo.com
Finances/Fairshare: Rosalie Jablonski- rljablonski@gmail.com
Uniforms: Shannon Stegeman-SLS4U2@yahoo.com
Parent Volunteers/Medical: Jenna McCarthy- mibabydoc@gmail.com
Prop Building: Ben Williamson- jamin43435@gmail.com
Concessions: Open
Communication: Heather Franklin- thefranklins4fl@gmail.com
Class Bands Liaison: Open
Volunteer Hours/ Donations/Travel Logisitics: Open
Silent Auction: Darlene Williamson- Williamson.darlene@gmail.com
Spaghetti Dinner: open
Fundraising: open
Coupon Books: Christina Rivera- riverabiz@comcast.net
Festival of Band:- open

Section Parents- these parents can answer any questions you may have about marching band.  Email the parent based on the interest of section your child may have. 

  • Baritones: Julie Kline- juliejokline@gmail.com 
  • Flutes: Angela Kates- ackmkates@gmail.com 
  • Percussion: Open                                                     
  • Color guard:  Open?
  • Mellophones: Jenna McCarthy- mibabydoc@gmail.com
  • Saxophones: Cindy Fulmer- cmfulm@gmail.com 
  • Clarinets: Christina Rivera- riverabiz@comcast.net
  • Trumpets: Heather Franklin-thefranklins4fl@gmail.com
  • Tubas: Open


Opportunities will be posted in this section


If you have any questions about volunteering for JHS Band, please Mr. Ross.