Jupiter High School Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Christmas trees and other Balsam Fir products are now on sale!!  For many years, the Jupiter High School Band has been the place to go for beautiful live Christmas trees, wreaths, garland roping and centerpieces.  Let your friends and neighbors know early they can order a live Christmas tree straight from Nova Scotia through you. THIS IS OUR BIGGEST FUNDRAISER OF THE YEAR!


A flyer and order form can be found here: 2021 JHS Christmas Tree Form

Profit from this fundraiser is about 40%. Proceeds go to band members’ fair share accounts.  BE SURE to put your student’s name on the order form as the Seller’s Name to receive credit!  Any forms without your child’s name will go to a F.A.N.S applicant.  We also would encourage you to write your child’s name in the memo section of the check. 


Skeptical about ordering a tree?  Have your contacts check out our Christmas Tree Facebook page for pictures of our beautiful trees: 


Jupiter HS Band Christmas Trees


Order forms are due Friday, November 1.  Collect payment at the time of the order. There will be a late payment fee applied to any orders after Nov 1 of 10.00. We are hoping this encourages buyers to order on time as well as limit the amount of ¨extra¨ trees needed to be purchased, so that less waste occurs when those extra trees do not sell. 


__________________________________________New this year_____________________________________________


-We cannot accept cash this year, in order to contain the spread of the virus.  We encourage you to have your buyers send your money via a money app and then you turn in one big check for all of your orders at once. 


-Please do not put more than one customer on the same order form. This allows us to give the customer their order form at pick up, which they then show the student, who will help them pick out a tree. 


-ALL Customers are able to pick up their items on Friday Dec 4 from 3:30-6:00 and Saturday, December 5 between 9am and 12pm at the Daniel’s Way parking lot.