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Impact Stories

Delaney Johnson, Class of 2021

Ever since joining band and SOJ, I have been surrounded by wonderful friends who have also shared a passion for music.  I’ve gotten to experience so many exciting opportunities; from performing in the Super Bowl Halftime show, to learning how to be a better musician and person through great instruction and challenging, yet rewarding literature.

Alex Carrasco, Class of 2020

Jupiter High School introduced myself to endless friendships and entizing literature that will stick with me forever.  Attending Jupiter opened my eyes to different ways music can enhance ones life.  From emotional Support to job opportunities, going to Jupiter really helped me figure out myself and my future.

Gabe Ortiz, Class of 2021

Band has given me a way to be myself and to not worry about outside problems. 

Maddi Lea, Class of 2020

Participating in marching band has changed my life.  I learned how to truly work hard for your goals and work in a team with others.  Besides learning new things, I have met my closest friends and mentors in this activity.  To this day, I’m still in contact with people I did marching band with.  My life would be drastically different without Spirit of Jupiter