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  • Copy Paper: We distribute a LOT of handouts, forms, and music in Band!  We can ALWAYS use COPY PAPER!  Staples has coupons every week that offer discounts and rebates on paper.  Check them out HERE.
  • Fresh fruit for marching band camps and Saturday rehearsals: strawberries, watermelon, grapes (fresh or frozen), bananas, oranges, and apples.
  • Gatorade: SMALL 12 oz single serving bottles for marching band camps and larger 20 oz. single serving bottles for Concessions
  • Store bought snacks: Individually packaged Goldfish crackers, granola bars, fruit bars, peanut butter or cheese crackers, and trail mix, and cookies for band field trips and marching band camps
  • Envelopes (any size): To put under the marked collection boxes so orders and payments can be turned in together.
  • Garbage bags: Kitchen size (13-gallon) or Large (30-gallon); lots of kids means lots of trash!
  • Colored copy paper: Good for order forms.  Preferably light or bright (not dark) colors, at least 250 sheets per color.
  • Markers appropriate for poster board: Thick/Chisel point Sharpies or other permanent markers
  • White Poster Board: Preferably large sheets in sealed packs so it stays clean until needed, but we’ll take the smaller size too!
  • Expo markers: Preferably chisel tip (not fine point) and Expo brand.
  • 9” x 12” Clasp Envelopes: Used for Festival of Bands, MPA, fundraisers, etc.
  • Name Tags: Stickers for use at parent meetings, first student rehearsals, etc.