Band FAQ

New to the JHS Band program or just interested in what we have to offer?  You’ve come to the right place!

At our annual Band Interest Meeting, JHS Director of Bands presents general information about our band program.  You can view the May 2015 PowerPoint presentation by clicking this link.  For a summary of this presentation, see our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

The Jupiter High School Band is large and growing!  There is a lot to keep track of because we are a busy and accomplished program!  You may feel overwhelmed with information, but we hope this page and the links referenced below help you find the information you need.

How can you make the most of your experience in the Jupiter High School Band?

Band families are kept up to date first and foremost by email using Charms Office Assistant.  All parents and students must have an email listed in their Charms account in order to receive emails.  See our Communication/Email page for information on how to access and update your Charms account and read archived emails.

Our online Band Calendar is kept up to date with band rehearsals, performances, deadlines, and other important events and associated details.

The band program is very expensive to operate.  The funds we receive from the school district do not come close to covering expenses, so we are essentially self-funded.  With costs for equipment, instruments, repairs, travel, uniforms, instructors and much more, it is very important that all members of band pay their band fees in full and on time.

The band budget is fairly distributed among all band students so that all of the band’s financial obligations can be met. Student band fees are calculated by dividing the overall band budget by the number of expected students in each program.  Students in co-curricular activities (marching band, winter guard and winter percussion) pay more in band fees than students who do not participate in those groups because of the additional expenses associated with those groups.

Band fees can be paid outright or raised through the many fundraising opportunities that we offer.  It’s up to each band member to decide how much of his/her band fees will be paid out of pocket and how much can be fund raised.

Look for more information on our Band Fees and Fundraising pages.

The BEST way to learn about the band program is to get involved!

Get to know your student’s friends and their parents and make new friends yourself!

The Band Director is your first go-to person for questions and concerns about band.  However, sometimes he can’t answer all of your questions during band class.  If you have a question or concern about a band activity, check your emails for a contact person or the online band calendar for activity details.  Or, visit our Band Parent Organization page for committee chairperson contact information .

Our band parents are always willing to answer questions!  When in doubt, stop any band parent and ask for help.

Students are encouraged to ask questions of their student leaders.  See our Leadership Team page for the names and positions of our band leadership members.